Social responsibility
the environment

Motiva has formally promised to promote green growth, indicating our commitment to the Finnish Government’s Cleantech Strategy. We are also members of a collaborative network that brings together businesses and the City of Helsinki under the Climate Partners project. In 2016 we contributed to a wider Social Contract on Sustainable Development by promising to speed up Finland’s transition to a resource smart economy through our material efficiency agreements.

In 2016 we also created an environmental action plan to systematically improve our work on environmental issues. We have provided our own employees with environmental guidelines for offices to help them work in line with the principles of sustainable development. Key issues include means to reduce the electricity consumption of office equipment, environmentally favourable purchases, and measures to reduce waste and promote recycling.

Our offices are located in a part of downtown Helsinki with excellent public transport links. We encourage our staff to adopt the principles of sustainable mobility and use public transport. They are offered a public transport pass as a fringe benefit.

We widely utilise the tendering services of the Finnish Government’s central purchasing organisation Hansel, and we prioritise environmental impacts when making our own procurement decisions. We are a member of the Green Choices purchasers’ network, which is run in connection with ecolabelling schemes.

Employees’ well-being crucial to our success

The well-being of our staff is an essential basis of our work. We purchase a health care scheme for our personnel, complemented by the sickness insurance premiums we pay as employers. Every year all employees are offered influenza vaccinations. We also provide our staff with vouchers that can be used to pay for sports or cultural activities, and we annually organise a well-being day for all our staff, and a day when we plan collective activities for staff members. Supervisors are encouraged to offer support at an early stage when any problems begin to arise, and during the year we also realise occasional impromptu happenings designed to boost staff well-being and satisfaction.

At the end of 2016 the Motiva group had 67 employees, including 51 working for Motiva Oy. Of these employees 64 were in permanent employment and 3 in temporary positions. Their average age was about 46, and the average length of employment was more than 7 years for the whole group, and more than 8 years for Motiva Oy.

At the end of 2016 the Motiva group’s board of directors included two women and three men, while Motiva Oy’s management group was made up of six women.