Effective communications

Our goal is that our varied and trusted communications should provoke and contribute to public debate, and shape the attitudes of our target groups from politicians to consumers. We work to provide accurate and precise information that is truly up to date. Our communications emphasise real content and results. Creativity, a focus on solutions, and measurability all lie at the core of our work.

A new look for Motiva

In 2016 we reshaped Motiva’s branding and image. Our new logo has been designed to emphasise our dynamism, reliability and forward thinking. We aim to be a diverse and honest partner. The main colour used in our materials is now a warm purplish red, reflecting our approachability and expertise.

Our visual image supports our values: we strive to be open and reliable, effective and responsible, and creative and approachable.

Our partners

We widely serve as a source of reliable information for media professionals, aided by our professional experts and communicators. The media value our ability to provide reliable and up-to-date information promptly. We offer a wide range of social perspectives, quantified results and practical tips for everyday life. The media are a valuable partner for Motiva in the context of spreading our message.

Reducing food waste: a licence to eat!

Food waste is generated at all stages of the food chain from the farm to the table, but wastage in homes may be even higher than in the retail stage or in the foodstuffs industry. For this reason Motiva has particularly been working to increase consumers’ awareness of food waste, and spotlight creative new ways to reduce this problem.

In 2016 we brought together several organisations interested involved in such work to organise Finland’s first ever Leftover Food Festival in Helsinki. Cooks demonstrated how to make tasty dishes out of leftover food. Popular meals included grilled fish-burgers made of fish species not sold commercially. Mobile apps designed to help reduce food waste were demonstrated; leftover food was used in a “fine dining” supper; and festival-goers bough food from Finland’s first leftover food shop. The event attracted about 2,000 people and attracted a lot of attention in social media, with more than 7,000 users showing interest. Similar events were also held in the cities of Turku, Tampere and Kuopio.

Spreading success stories: how shops can reduce food waste

Measures designed to reduce food waste in the retail sector are being very closely monitored, and new ideas are continuously cropping up. Motiva is helping the retail business through various related projects, including a communications programme realised by the Finnish Grocery Trade Association to spread the message by compiling best practices and producing a related video for the Waste Food Week events. The best practices publication was very well received within the retail sector, while certain trial schemes also attracted wide interest. Motiva helped to distribute the publication among decision-makers and consumers, and we also encouraged actors from the retail sector to take part in Waste Food week events including the Leftover Food Festival.

The Finnish Grocery Trade Association received a lot of positive feedback last year relating to its communications for Waste Food Week.

20 years of energy efficiency education for schoolkids

In 2016 we integrated our long-established annual campaign designed to teach second-grade schoolchildren about ways to save energy into our wider Energy Saving week event. A roadshow with the theme “Look, everything works!” toured schools in SW Finland. Organised together with the Nordic Swan ecolabel and local actors, this campaign encouraged kids to think about ways to save energy and make their consumption more sustainable in their everyday lives. There was particularly plenty of interest in the idea of an exercise bike wired up to use cyclists’ energy to charge electronic devices. Motiva produced instructions for the assembly of such bikes and a related video for older schoolchildren. During Energy Savings Week we reached 386 organisations and through them a total of 218,250 people.

Focus areas for 2017

We will continue to provide reliable and accurate information for consumers and all our other stakeholders, and also to help the media by offering expert views and the latest facts. We will continue to strengthen content marketing on different issues, especially utilising digital channels, and particularly aiming to enhance blogs, vlogs and discussions available through various social media channels. We will also continue to improve our own recently revamped web services. Measurability and agility lie at the heart of our communications work. s