A message from Motiva’s
Managing Director

Our vision is to be a major contributor steering sustainable development in Finland. Our work is closely related to the Finnish Government’s policy goals to boost the bioeconomy, cleantech solutions and employment. It is also closely linked to the national circular economy action plan drawn up by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

In November 2016 the Finnish Government published a report defining Finland’s energy and climate strategy 2030. This strategy includes many actions which we at Motiva are already realising. Energy efficiency has a prominent role, and the energy efficiency agreement scheme uniquely pioneered by Finland has proven to be a cost-effective tool towards this goal. Finland’s national climate targets will be reached, while the businesses and municipalities involved in such agreements are already reducing their energy costs. In partnership with the Finnish Energy Authority, various ministries and industrial associations, Motiva has prepared a new energy efficiency agreement programme for the period 2017–2025 which was duly launched in October 2016. We will continue to be involved in the monitoring, development and implementation of these new energy agreements. We also lead various ambitious joint energy saving projects funded by the Government and Finnish businesses to complement energy efficiency agreements and energy auditing activities.

Enhancing material efficiency is similarly an effective way for businesses to cut costs and improve their productivity. Each year we train new teams of material efficiency auditors. Together with industrial associations and the relevant ministries we are devising a new model for material efficiency agreements to suit Finland’s needs. The new model will be based on a road map jointly drawn up during 2016.

Working through networks and ecosystems is very much part of Motiva’s work. We can achieve much better results at lower costs by working together. Good examples of regional cooperation networks include the Finnish Sustainable Communities network (FISU) and the Finnish Industrial Symbiosis System (FISS), both of which have produced valuable new initiatives and solutions. Motiva’s procurement services in turn promote sustainable purchases in the public sector. These services have already been used by more than 9,000 purchasers.

The transport sector must play a key role in reaching emission reduction targets. Close collaboration and effective communications are essential in the context of promoting new fuels and increasing the use of electric cars, and we will continue to promote such cooperation in the future.

The significance of consumers’ choices is increasing from year to year. Motiva’s related advisory services cover issues including energy efficiency, solar energy, mobility and alternative forms of lighting. Themes related to food and food waste are also becoming more prominent in our work.

Corporate responsibility work and the related communications are also increasing in importance. Obtaining the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which is rated among Finland’s top five brands, is an excellent way for businesses to communicate their achievements regarding sustainability, and to make consumers’ choices easier.

For the world to become more sustainable, we need reliable, easily accessible and accurate information, as well as effective communications. As an experienced state-owned company working in this field Motiva is a key player in Finland and internationally.

Hille Hyytiä
Managing Director, Motiva Oy