Nordic and eu ecolabels
Promoting responsible

The Nordic Swan and EU ecolabelling schemes, administered in Finland by Motiva Services, have helped Finnish municipalities to make sustainable purchases by indicating which products can be favoured since they meet these schemes’ criteria.

Purchasers in Finland’s public sector annually procure goods and services with a total value of about 35 billion euros – amounting to about a fifth of Finland’s gross national product. A study conducted for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the EU Ecolabel, and fair trade and organic labelling schemes revealed that fewer than half of Finnish municipalities have responsible purchasing guidelines in place.

New Finnish legislation on public sector procurements, in force from January 2017, will make it easier for purchasers to give due consideration to criteria applied in labelling schemes relating to responsibility.

Public sector purchasing practices can change entire markets if they are realised purposefully to challenge suppliers to be truly environmentally responsible,”
Mervi Saukko, an environmental expert from the City of Jyväskylä.

Nordic Swan labelling for new homes on the rise

During 2016 interest in obtaining Nordic Swan ecolabelling for newly built homes increased rapidly. NCC Building and VAV Asunnot Oy of City of Vantaa initiated a development consisting of more than 120 ecolabelled rental apartments in Vantaa. Other developments applying for Nordic Swan Ecolabel include a day care centre in Hyvinkää, detached homes in Kaarinaa, and holiday apartments in Lokalahti.

It was natural for us to choose VAV as a partner, since like NCC they have embedded sustainability into their developments, and they want to find new ways to realise construction projects,” says
NCC project manager Emma Suokas
It feels good to build a home in a way that absolutely respects the environment,"
adds Sami Roiha, who is building a new home eligible for Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Using social media to promote small everyday actions

In September 2016 the Nordic Swan Ecolabel scheme ran a social media campaign encouraging consumers to save the world little by little every day, by making responsible choices. Musician and TV presenter Raakel Lignell helped to promote the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Other ecolabelled partners and products featured in the campaign included Lumme detergents, Scandic Hotels, Cello paints, Lotus Soft Embo toilet paper, Vileda Professional’s microfiber mops and cloths, Cottover eco-fashions, Marmoleum Click floors and Gasum’s biogas.

The campaign had more than two million marketing hits and reached more than 600,000 consumers.

Expanding EU Ecolabel coverage

The EU Ecolabel Product Catalogue (ECAT) specifies where all labelled products can be found. The list has been revamped to make it more user-friendly and informative.

The catalogue compiles details of all products granted EU ecolabelling rights in any country within the scheme. Products can be found under product categories, product names, manufacturers’ names, or licence numbers.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel:
Save the world little by little
every day

Nordic Swan Ecolabel:
Limit chemical pollution
through everyday choices

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