Motiva’s work is driven by the need to mitigate climate change and promote wellbeing in Finland. We aim to help build a society that uses energy and materials efficiently, while creating sustainable solutions that can also be used around the world.

Our work is highly influential within Finland. It is important to identify key issues on the basis of reliable research findings. We believe that collaboration and effective communications are crucial in working towards the changes we hope to achieve, to create a better tomorrow.

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The Motiva Group

Motiva Oy

  • Provides services for Finland’s national authorities
  • First established in 1993 as a national centre for energy-saving services
  • Incorporated on 1.11.2000
  • 100%-owned by the Finnish State
  • Managing Director: Hille Hyytiä

Editorial column
Hille Hyytiä

Managing Director

The Motiva Group
Turnover and staff

Motiva Services Oy

  • Provides services for businesses, organisations and local authorities
  • Established on 12.12.2008
  • Responsible for administering ecolabelling in Finland since 1.1.2011
  • 100%-owned by Motiva Oy
  • Managing Director: Petri Väisänen

Our achievements

Responsibility as good business

Nordic and EU Ecolabels
Promoting responsible procurement

Savings through responsible
public procurement

Building up the circular economy
At the centre of the circle

Properties and construction
Precision and productivity

Homes and living
Tools for convenient and
energy efficient homes

Transport and mobility
Prioritising convenience
and low emissions

Monitoring and impacts
Revealing the bigger picture

Effective communications

Social responsibility
Cherishing the environment

Motiva’s activities

Energy efficiency agreements

• Development
• Support for implementation
• Monitoring
• Communications and marketing

Energy audits and analyses

• Development
• Advice for clients
• Training for auditors
• Monitoring of quality and results
• Marketing

Managing energy use

• Management systems
• Continuous improvements

Material efficiency

• Efficient use of materials
• Material audits
• Promoting life cycle thinking

Advisory and publicity

• Influencing attitudes and behaviour
• Procurement services
• Good practices
• Coordination of energy advice
for consumers
• Coordination of mobility management

Monitoring and
impact assessment

• Impacts of programmes and measures

Renewable energy

• Increasing sustainable use
• Accelerating the adoption
of new technologies

Environmental labelling

• The Nordic Swan Ecolabel
• The EU Ecolabel

Environmentally favourable
services and technologies

• Accelerating adoption